Who is INF club for?
This is a resource for introverts, particularly 'INF' personality types, INFPs and INFJs. However, if you are introvert you might enjoy the resources here, particularly if you are an intuitive/sensitive type of introvert (e.g. a highly sensitive person or an empath).

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What is an INFP and an INFJ?

Theres are 2 of 16 'Myers-Briggs' (MBTI) personality types. Find out more about MBTI, and complete the test to find out you type over here.

Why is this a blog specifically for these two 'types'?
INFPs and INFJs are particularly unique, as we are both introverted and sensitive types. Fun fact: INFJs are the rarest type.

Can I still read/subscribe if I'm not an INFP or INFJ?
Absolutely! If you're an introvert and you dig the vibe here, you're more than welcome.

Do you recommend any other resources for INFPs, INFJs, and introverts in general?

Absolutely! Here are some of my favourites:

Quiet Revolution
Highly Sensitive Refuge
Introvert Spring

Where else can I find INF club online?
Follow us on Twitter @inf_club :)

Can I subscribe?
Uh, yes you can! You'll receive the latest from the blog, other tips/resources for INFPs & INFJs, and an extended, colourful, PDF version of the 'Happier at Work' guide.

Psst… when we get to 300 subscribers, we're going to start an INF forum! 🙌🏼

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Thanks for reading until the end :) If you have any questions, suggestions or thoughts, email me -> jasraj.s.hothi@gmail.com

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