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As of October 23rd, 2o19, INF club has moved over to Substack -> here's the new website: can also find us on Twitter: such, this will be the last post you'll find here on Proseful.I hope you'll join the small but growing community of INFPs and INFJs over there.

Toxic surroundings.

A recent family trip to Birmingham, and the unhelpful dialogue that was directed towards me, reminded me just how much of an impact our surroundings can have on us.

my education & career: a brief history

1989: born in a suburb in SW (Greater) London2005: sensitive, academic kid. I loved to learn, and I loved the kudos that came from earning top grades from the 2+ hours I diligently spent each night on homework from a young age.2006-07: applying to university, having chosen Math(s), Biology & Chemistry for my A-Levels. Fed up of studying, subjects I found dull, and confused about what I wanted to do with my life2008: dropped out of university2010: dropped out of university – againfell into financial services recruitment2015: quit my City job to study a Masters in Psychology (see below)did a course with Escape the Cityq2016: ran a pilot for a new education programme / alternative to university (Thriva Programme); went to World Domination SummitLate 2016: Masters and Education programme came to an end, felt like a huge failure and had zero idea what to do with my life. Isolated myself, mood worsened, mental state slowly plummeted; diagnosed with depression and anxiety2017-early 2018: took time out for therapy, self-care and some travelMay 2018 – Apr 2019: did a remote sales job for a friend’s mortgage businessIncreasingly knew that I wanted to do my own thing again, but this time not take over the world, and just be a solopreneur/freelancer sustaining myself.March 2019: a week-long trip to Slovenia gave me the clarity I needed to say I wanted to take the plunge and start freelancing as a content writer.April 2019: turned down part-time work with the mortgages company to give this freelance thing a go.May 2019: spent my first proper month (Slovenia didn’t really count) as a ‘digital nomad’, working from a co-living space in Tenerife.June 2019: turned 30, focused on building my freelance writing business, started the INF club, my 4th blog for introverts (previous: A Happier Introvert, The Quarter Life Introvert, IntrovertJedi)August 2019: deciding that freelance writing wasn't for me. Wanting to do a content/marketing-type role for a company. (With some specific criteria)

let's get started…

hey there,it's so nice to have you here.I'm guessing you're an introvert, and likely to be INFP or an INFJ. If you're not an 'INF' type, you're more than welcome here!


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An INFP on turning 30

In less than an hour’s time, it’s my birthday. And not just any birthday. When I wake up, at precisely 7.42am I’ll be thirty. Three, zero. 3-0. Thirty.


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about meLast month, I turned 30. It didn't seem so long ago that I was at school, head buried in books and trying to figure out who I was & what I wanted to do with my life.I had expected adulthood to arrive and everything to somehow figure itself out. I'd go to university, end up in a job I loved, find a girlfriend, move into a new home and start a family.I hadn't realised that adulthood was something it took me a while to grow into, and my 20's were a decade of figuring things out.I always felt different. Not quite fitting in. I was a slow-burner, it taking me a while to settle into the world of adulthood and find my place.