Mykonos: Part II

So, last week I set the scene with regards to my recent Mykonos trip (read 'Part I' here if you haven't already).

I shared the expectations I had going into the trip, and how I was pleasantly surprised - overawed even - by how it turned out, in reality.

I feel like us INF-types (INFPs & INFJs) can often have a certain perception as to what something will be like, when in fact the reality is really quite different. Idealists, can you relate?

This is where it would serve us better not to let out imaginations run wild and remain in the cosy confines of our minds.

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As I alluded to last week, this Mykonos trip provided some really useful reflection & feedback for me.

This is one of those posts that is as much about sharing these with you as much as affirming them to myself & manifesting them by putting this down in words.

1. Other people aren't bad(!)
Especially loved ones. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I want to strangle my loved ones (not, literally). But the group of guys I went with just happened to be family, and really they know & trust me (and vice versa) more than most. I ought not to take this so much for granted.

I found myself opening up and relaxing more as the trip progressed. This only happens through consistent time spent with one another. And that means *me* making an effort to spend time with them, and not avoid them as I can tend to do at times.

2. Guys' time is crucial
There are certain things about the notion of 'lads' banter' that doesn't sit so well with me. It just isn't me. But that said, time spent with other guys is actually super-important, and biological I would argue. Wolves hunt in packs, etc - there are many instances of male bonding that occurs in the animal kingdom. I think this is as important for humans too.

3. Switching off and relaxing is a big deal
This is so obvious. *So* obvious. And yet I am someone who eta caught up in the day-to-day in the same patterns of doing, and thinking, and achieving, and all of that stuff.

During this trip I let myself fully relax. I didn't let myself think about [the whole job situation], nor even put ken to paper and write articles for my blog.

I wanted to enjoy the moment, and it felt like this time off was only helping to replenish & re-ignite my creative fuel.

So many lessons in this short paragraph. Must have rest.

4. Being outside is magical
Oh the beautiful Greek beaches and Aegean Sea. Relaxing all day by the pool & spending the evenings enjoying good food and music.

And together, with a group of people you like and care about. Magical.

I want to make the space for more moments like this. Create more experiences and memories that nourish my soul.

5. Music
As I headed out to Mykonos I've been leaning into music and different sounds rather than words. (Though NF and the like are awesome).

It feels like music and sounds are what really hit the soul, on a felt level. House and techno and wordless stuff I thought I'd grow tired of, but which I found peaceful, meditative, enchanting even.

There's some energy here. Creating music is something I am interested in doing, and this Mykonos trip may well have played its part in my creative journey.

I'm usually very boring, I stick to what I know and stick it on repeat. With Mykonos I can dive into genres and sub-genres I didn't even know existed.

It feels like I'm diving for pearls and unsure as to what I'll find. It's exciting.

6. Letting go, accepting, being in the moment
That's what I did. I easily settled into this trip and felt really at home.

As I write this 'Paradise' by Coldplay has come on random shuffle on my iPod in the background.

Mykonos has felt like paradise. In some ways I wish I could have stayed for longer.

In other ways, I am accepting that this trip has been exactly the length it was supposed to be, and I'll take from it what I will and move forward.

This reflection, these learnings, these feelings I've felt.

7. Growing…
As an adult, as an individual.

I was with others, but just like I experienced during my month in Tenerife in May, there's something about being in my own space and away from home where it feels like my individuality and me-ness is really given the opportunity to grow & shine through.

8. Being outside of my head
Since I left my job, I've had a lot of autonomy and time to be and feel and think. Some f those things that came up weren't so pleasant, but I was able to work through them in therapy.

Now and again, they pop up again.

It feels that by being out in the world and doing things with other people, it grounds me more. It helps me feel connected, and not so alone and not so strange. It helps these negative thoughts of mine crop up less.

(My written affirmations also feel as if they are helping, here. Probably more on those in another post).

Turns out, whilst of course we need our time to retreat and replenish, it's a fine line between taking it to the extreme to our detriment.

I feel like I can better manage this alone-social balance, and that I actually have more of a need for socialising than I thought.

Who knew.

In summary…
It's clear that Mykonos has been really magical.

It was an epic time in and of itself. But beyond that, it's given me all of these reflection points that have sprung up, and a taste of things & experiences I want to bring into my day-to-day life and feel more often.



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